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Our racing driver training simulator facility is second to none in the North of England. We offer a choice of two inter-changeable, purpose built racing car simulator chassis, to replicate a huge range of different race cars, from entry level club racing sports cars, right through to top-end GT machinery and even prototypes.

Our genuine Aston Martin GT3 and Ginetta G40 cockpits are both equipped with market leading simulator hardware including force feedback steering, full brake & clutch assemblies, quick release wheel, dash display and racing pedal box.

  • Bespoke racing simulator suite with 6m panoramic screen and data engineering room

  • 1-2-1 driver coaching with ARDS qualified professional motorsport coaches

  • 2x state-of-the-art race car chassis, both including full force-feedback steering system, data display and motorsport pedal box

  • Top end technology providing simulations of over 100 worldwide tracks, and an extensive library of race cars (from GTs to single seaters)


Suitable for pro, am & novice racers alike, and able to accommodate all shapes and sizes, both of our bespoke race car simulator chassis are aligned with a state-of-the art 6 metre panoramic screen and ultra low latency projectors, to create a fully interactive, immersive and realistic experience for the driver.


Driver-to-engineer / coach two way intercom system enables real time coaching and data feedback, without having to leave the car

Seats & Harness

Equipped with 2 adjustable racing seats and race spec 4-point harnesses, allows for in-car coaching from instructor, or high speed passenger laps!


Genuine race car chassis, complete with original dash layout and roll cage, to simulate a realistic tin-top race car experience

Gear Box

Our gearshift options include paddle shift, stick shift sequential or even H-pattern boxes, to replicate almost any race car set up you could want

Pedal Box

Full motorsport pedal box, with throttle, brake & clutch providing realistic levels of pressure and feedback for the driver

Steering Motor

Full force feedback steering motor provides genuine ‘feel’ for the driver, and GT car levels of force feedback

Steering Wheel

Genuine race steering wheel with programmed function buttons, gear shift paddles, data display and quick release fitting


Powered by 2 high spec bespoke built PCs, we use market leading simulator control and data analysis software to make the whole race car simulator experience as realistic as possible. We have an extensive range of car models and tracks to choose from, so whatever your needs, we will be able to provide a solution for you.

Coaching & Data Analysis

From the comfort of our brand new, adjoining SIMTrack Control Room, not only can you view a simulator session in action, you can also review your session data with our engineers / race coaches, to help extract those last few tenths of a second for your ultimate lap time!

  • Data analysis & video footage

    Our software enables real time data analysis of you session and best laps, and unlike in 'real life', we can pause the simulator mid-corner to really hone in on specific detail and technique

  • ARDS Qualified Coaches

    We have a portfolio of ARDS qualified race coaches to call upon, who, if required, will run your sim session for you to analyse data, sit in car with you and set benchmark laps for you, just like they would out on track. Alternatively, you can have the session run just by a data engineer, or bring your own coach along.

  • Your data to keep

    At the end of every session on our simulator, you will be provided with your data and best lap detail on a print out or memory stick with video footage, to take with you and use to prepare for your next race! If you have used one of our in-house race coaches, you will also receive a one page performance review, highlighting key areas to focus on from your session!