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Whilst many of our customers are seasoned pros, both on track and in a sim, we understand that for many people, the whole concept of a simulator is a new experience, and that there are many questions around it. We have tried to cover off some of the common questions that arise below, but if you are unsure of anything, please get in touch here, and we will be happy to help.

Do I need a race license to drive the sim? Toggle Question

No race licence (or road driving licence) is required to drive on the sim. An appreciation of track driving is useful but not essential, as our in-house driver coaches will take you through the whole process.

What clothing do i need to bring? Toggle Question

If you have them, race boots and gloves ideally. If not, thin-soled trainers will be fine, and we can provide gloves (and boots) if required. We recommend wearing light, comfortable clothing as it does get hot in the simulator.

Simulators make me feel ill... will yours? Toggle Question

Everyone is affected by the sense of motion in different ways. We can’t guarantee that you won’t feel ill from using the simulator, but we have ways to minimise that feeling. If you know you suffer from motion sickness, we recommend you take travel sickness pills two hours before your session time.

Is your facility just for Ginetta drivers? Toggle Question

Absolutely not! Whilst we are based at Ginetta HQ, and benefit from their vast technical and racing expertise, SIMTrack is a standalone company, and is available for the use of any driver from any race series or Championship.

Can you simulate any car? Toggle Question

Within reason, yes! We have sim models of most types of race car (and many road cars). Even if we don’t have a model of your specific race car, we will likely be able to adapt an existing model to create something close in terms of power / handling and feel.

Can I bring my own driver coach with me? Toggle Question

Absolutely. We do have our own in-house SIMTrack coaches, but we have no problem with you bringing your own engineer or coach. We would simply just facilitate the session in that instance.

How long will I need? Toggle Question

Our session lengths are a minimum of 2 hours, but we would recommend 3 hour (half day sessions) in order to get the best value from your sim time

How will the session be run Toggle Question

All sessions at SIMTrack are run in the same way, with coaching and data analysis tools included as standard in the pricing. You will be assigned an appropriate race coach (all ARDS qualified) or a race engineer to run your session, according to your specific requirements / level of experience. We generally suggest 20-30 minute stints in the sim, followed by a break for data analysis and discussion (unless practicing for endurance racing of course).

Is there an age limit (upper or lower)? Toggle Question

The lower age limit is 12-13, and this based purely on the ability of the driver to reach the pedals. No upper age limit applies, although we do ask that you advise of us any existing medical conditions that could be affected by time in the simulator.

Can anyone use the simulator Toggle Question

Our core markets are race drivers and corporate groups. We do make exceptions for experience type days, but generally, we are not open to the general public.

Do you do sim racing? Toggle Question

No. SIMTrack is a driver training & performance centre, focused on enhancing race driver skills for the real world. Whilst sim racers are welcome if they want to hone their skills, we don’t conduct any sim racing or gaming at our facility.

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